16th Annual General Meeting

Thursday, March 20, 2014


6:30-7:00              Registration and Finger  Snacks

7:00                       1)         Welcome                                                           T.Arvisais

                               2)         Introduction of Mayor Ryan                           T.Arvisais

                               3)         Introduction of Officers                                   T.Arvisais    

                               4)         Approval of Minutes AGM 2013                   T.Arvisais

                               5) Intro Laura Drake / Designate                               T.Arvisais                      

                               6) Intro Katrina Pyke PMV                                          T.Arvisais

                               7) Reports

                                            A) Treasurer                                                     T. Arvisais

                                            B) Membership                                                B. Arvisais

                                            C) Bingo                                                            S. Derome

                               8) Nominating Committee Report                             A. Steyn
Nomination for Chair                                      J. Edmonds

                                            A) Directors going forward after 2013.

                                                 Suzanne Derome, Terry Arvisais, Gregory  Oakes,

                                                 Peter Stephenson, Charles Railer

                                            B) Resignation: Dennis Mann

8:00                       Refreshments

8:15                       Intro Guest Speaker :

                                            Jacqueline  Jones, The Dennis Group        T.Arvisais

9:00                       Thanks to Guest Speaker                                            T.Arvisais


                               Closing Remarks &                                                       T.Arvisais



Guest Speaker: Jacqueline Jones,

http://thedennisgroup.ca/photos/custom/Jacqueline-Jones.jpgSenior Consultant and Trainer with The Dennis Group Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in the non-profit field, Jackie is a successful and seasoned development professional. Jackie has extensive experience in non-profit management and fundraising campaigns. In her career, she has directed numerous capital campaigns, ranging from $2 million to $100 million. She has also developed strategies to identify, cultivate and solicit prospects from across North America and Asia. She has also held several senior executive positions within the non-profit field. Jackie has been recognized with several awards for campaigns she has directed.




Speakers from Past AGM Meetings


2013 AGM – Guest Speaker: Glenn Davis and he will talk about financial planning as it relates to donations.


Harold Quniton2012 AGM – Guest Speaker: Harold Quinton, is a member of PMV’s Gas and Steam Club
and will talk about the wonderful work the volunteers do in this part of the museum.


John Edmonds

2011 - Guest Speaker: John Edmonds, is member of PMVs Backwoods Players
and will talk about the Rebellion of 1837 the families in this area who were part of the Rebellion of 1837.

Tom Quinn

2010 AGM - Guest Speaker: Thomas J. Quinn, Retired CAO, City of Pickering, talked about his Museum Memories”

Darryl Withrow 

2009 AGM - Guest Speaker: Darryl Withrow, co-author of From Hands Now Striving to be Free
and member of PMV's Woodwright's Guild

John Rutledge, conservation architect for the Brougham Central Hotel

2008 AGM - Guest Speaker: John Rutledge, conservation architect for the Brougham Central Hotel.



2007 AGM - Guest Speaker: Harold Quinton, Lead Hand, Gas and Steam Club (see our Steam Barn photos)

Brian Winter

2006 AGM - Guest Speaker: Brian Winter, Town of Whity Archivist

Robert Leverty 


2005 AGM - Guest Speaker: Robert Leverty, presented "Ontario Cemeteries - the Struggle for the Public Interest" Ontario Historical Society

Craig Heron 

2004 AGM - Guest Speaker: Prof. Craig Heron, author of Booze: A Distilled History and he spoke about the development of alcohol legislation, particularly with respect to the Temperance Movement.

John Sewell


2003 AGM - Guest Speaker: John Sewell, author of Mackenzie, a political biography of William Lyon Mackenzie