Chairperson’s ‘Welcome’ to 2013 AGM on March 20, 2014

On behalf of the Directors of the Pickering Museum Village Foundation (PMVF), I welcome you to the 16th Annual General Meeting.

In 2014, the PMVF will chart a new and exciting course as our mandate is to raise the funds needed to support the Museum in its efforts to maintain, restore, and purchase the artifacts needed to furnish the 20 historical buildings on site.

We are looking at having a more aggressive membership campaign, continue receiving funding from our loyal corporate supporters, as well as actively looking to finding new sponsors. Pickering Delta Bingo continues to be a major part of funding for Museum initiatives.

This year we have two major initiatives to support the Pickering Museum:

A)    The Museum has submitted to the PMVF a funding request for $80,000.00. The major part of this will be spent on the Craftsman Cottage in restoration and the purchase of artifacts to furnish this building. The funding for this request will come from our bingo account.

B)    Feasibility study, the projected cost of $50,000.00 +. This study is being done in support for a new administration building. This study will provide us with the answers we need to proceed with a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to build the administration building. Funding for this initiative will come from the PMVF’s general account.

In order to keep the PMVF’s mandate, we need more people with fundraising skills and expertise to meet the future needs of the PMV. This would include members with grant expertise.

We are actively searching for new members as well as Directors. If you or someone you know would like to contribute their time and knowledge to the PMVF and assist with the future progression of the Pickering Museum Village, please contact us.

In closing, we leave you with this thought. For the future of the Pickering Museum Village Foundation, perhaps, consider a Bequeath to the Foundation when preparing a Final Will and Testament. This legacy would enable you or a loved one to leave behind a tangible support of heritage. It would further ensure that the Foundation would be able to subsidize capital and / or large restoration projects in your name.

In conclusion, I look forward to the challenges in 2014 and look forward to your continued support of the Pickering Museum Village Foundation

Terry Arvisais,
PMVF Chairperson