Pickering Museum Village Foundation
Brief History Notes

The Pickering Museum Village Foundation was created as a fundraising organization to enhance the care of the artifacts of the Museum Village and to assist with large projects that the City would find difficult to accomplish without outside assistance.In the short time the Foundation has existed, it has raised over $800,000.Much of this was achieved through weekly bingos at Delta Bingo in Pickering.Consistent supporters of the Foundation and its efforts are Ontario Power Generation and Veridian. The Foundation has also been the benefactor of donations and contributions from a number of small businesses and individuals interested in the preservation of our heritage, plus actively seeking new grants going forward.

The Pickering Museum Village Foundation was founded in 1996 when the early 1800s Puterbaugh log house was donated by Louise Parkes and Family to the Pickering Museum Village and was reconstructed to be a circa 1830 schoolhouse.Through many hours of fundraising and bingo by Foundation members and friends, the Pickering Museum Village Foundation partnered with the City (Town) of Pickering to finance and open this educational feature in June 2000 for the children of Durham and it is available for small meetings.The Foundationís portion of this was in excess of $50,000.



Craftsman Cottage restoration outside and inside of building at a cost of†† $ 80,000.00

Purchase of furnishings and artifacts for Craftsman Cottage

Continuing fundraising initiatives, including ebingo

Miller-Cole House installation of new stove and support system for stove at a cost of$12,652.61 completed in 2013

Feasibility Study†† new Administration Building - Approx. cost $ 50,000.00


Completed Projects and Fundraising events by
Pickering Museum Village Foundation and Partners

         2010 completed financing the restoration of the Brougham Temperance House - over $300,000 from the Foundation.

         2010 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: Death Hydes.

         2010 financed the display for the Scott Rebellion Box.

         2010 assisted with the acquisition of the Scott Rebellion Box.

         2009 assisted the Gas and Steam Club with the acquisition of lumber.

         2009 purchased stoves for the Brougham Temperance House.

         2009 continued the Rubber Duckie RACE, Amazing Raffle and Pumpkin Carving at the Fall Family Festival.

         2009 partnered with the City to receive the Building Canada Fund Communities Component.

         2009 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: The Case of the Backroom Backstab

         2009 assisted with egineering drawings for the Waterloo Steam Engine.

         2008 presented an honorarium to the PMV Woodwrights Guild for their assistance with the Rubber Duckie RACE.

         2008 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: The Case of the Novel Death

         2007 assisted with the acquisition of a fork lift truck for the Gas & Steam Club.

         2007 established an annual Rubber Duckie RACE.

         2007 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?:It's All Relative

         2001-2008 funded research and feasibility projects for the Brougham Central Hotel and a condition assessment of the BCH to reflect its many roles throughout time from its probable origin as a single home in 1822 through its time as a temperance hotel to the present.

         2006 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: Lights, Camera, Murder

         2005 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?:2009 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: Sounds Like Murder

         2005 presented the City of Pickering with a cheque for $250,000 towards the reconstruction of the Redman House, Phase One of the Brougham Central Hotel Project. Pat's presentation.

         2004 partnered with Sears for new maintenance tools for the Gas and Steam Barn.

         2004 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: Don't Say Macbeth

         2004 moved the Drive Shed to a new location on the site to accommodate restoration of the Brougham Central Hotel.

         2003 purchased the Harry Foster document collection and presented it to the museum village. (See The Harry Foster Collection, page 4)

         2003 supported volunteers when they made a replica of the 1837 Rebellion Banner (See Victoria The 1st, page 3)

         2003 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: Murder Under the Big Top

         2002 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: The Silver Chalice of Taeonostae

         2002 partnered with Ajax Rug Hookers to create a replica of a rug in PMV collection. (See Fabulous Fake, page 6)

         2001 partnered with Backwoods Players for Whodunit?: Lights, Camera, Murder

         2001 funded repairs and cleaning of the 1890 reed pump organ in the Chapel

         2001 formed a partnership with Benjamin Moore Paints to fund the interior restoration of the 1853 Bible Christian Chapel. Its interior walls, ceiling and floor were patched and painted by Foundation members and friends. New pews were constructed and finished, and appropriate lighting was donated by a local blacksmith.Provided assistance to Bloomers and Britches, the museum village heritage gardeners. They, in return, have made substantial donations back to the Foundation.

         2001 funded the installation of cairn and donated bell in front of the Puterbaugh Schoolhouse.

         2000 enlisted the talents of Ajax Creative Arts to provide drawings of the buildings and produced If walls could talk, a collection of the drawings and short history of each building.

         2000 supported printing of Town's Millennium Book Time present and time past: a pictorial history of Pickering and funded the purchase of computer hardware and a digital camera to the museum village for cataloguing artifacts.

         2000 invited Glendale Tennis Club to fund appropriate lighting for the schoolhouse.

         2000 celebrated the opening of the Puterbaugh Schoolhouse, the Foundation's first major partnership project.†† Obtained a grant from Canada Trust Friends of the Environment and assisted with heritage tree and shrub planting in the museum village.

         1999 held a "Cow Plop Lottery" at the Fall Family Festival.

         1999 brought the "Bush-Ladies" production to Pickering.

         1997 established a Read-A-Thon which ran for three years.

         1997 held first fundraising raffle.

         1996 first Fall Family Festival held.

         1996 partnered with the Town of Pickering when an early 1800s log house was donated to Pickering Museum Village by the Puterbaugh family and descendant Louise Parkes. This building was officially opened in June of 2000, as our schoolhouse.