Pickering Museum Village Foundation RFPs



April 1, 2014


RFP-01-14 Feasibility Study Visitor Services Centre at the Pickering Museum Village
(pdf document for download)


The Pickering Museum Village Foundation Inc. (the “Foundation”) invites proposals from qualified professionals to undertake and develop a feasibility and business case assessment study for a Pickering Museum Village Site and a new Visitor Services Centre to be located at the Pickering Museum Village (PMV) in the City of Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

The proposed “PMV Visitor Services Centre”, in its final iteration, is envisioned to be a visible, scalable structure to include museum exhibit space, collection storage, conservation lab, artefact holding/quarantine area, multi-purpose space, small auditorium, museum resource centre, washroom facilities, office space, gift shop, ATM, parking and snack bar/catering facility.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 4:00 pm.

All enquiries related to this project are to be made by email,
on or before 4:00 pm local time Friday, May 9, 2014.

Enquiries on the project should be directed to the Pickering Museum Village Foundation at pmvfoundation@gmail.com. Technical enquiries should be directed to Katrina Pyke, Coordinator Museum Operations by email kpyke@pickering.ca. All questions and answers will be posted online, then distributed to all known bidders as soon as possible, but not later than Friday, May 23, 2014, by way of written ADDENDUM without stating the source(s) of the enquiry.



Additional Documents

Posted May 21, 2014

These documents are mentioned in RFP and were available on request:

A.   PMV Strategic Plan, 2012-2016

B.   City of Pickering Community Profile

C.   City of Pickering Corporate Priorities




Bidder Questions:


1.    Received on April 4, 2014:
If a firm works on this phase of the project (either as the lead proponent or a sub-consultant) be excluded from bidding on future phases of this project?

April 11, 2014.
The City of Pickering are partners in this project, under the City Purchasing Policy – Item 11.02 A vendor providing design, services, consulting or specifications shall be advised up front they will not be permitted to submit pricing or bid in the competitive process for the requirement if a competitive advantage or conflict of interest is deemed to exist. 

2.    Received on April 2, 2014:
In addition to a new museum building, are there other changes planned to the site of the Museum Village itself over the next 20+ years (e.g. addition of new buildings, reconfiguration of existing buildings, etc.) that are planned or likely? 

April 7, 2014
There is an expansion program planned encorporating 16 acres adjacent to the west of the current museum site.  The plan is to build the Visitor Services Centre on those lands, including adequate parking.  Then, the next step in the expansion plan is to move the current Gas & Steam operation to the upper level, south of the Visitor Services Centre, with expanded facilities for that operation.

3.    Received on April 2, 2014:
In terms of the scope of this study, is it restricted to a new Visitor Centre only, or is it to include as well any other capital and operating changes that may be made to the site (e.g. signage, repair/restoration to existing buildings, etc.)? 

April 7, 2014
As detailed in the RFP, this is not only about a building, but a full analysis of what we are currently doing, with recommendations on what we could be doing.

4.    Received on April 2, 2014:
Is the Visitor Centre to serve as an orientation centre to the Village primarily (thus focusing upon the 1810 - 1920 period only), or as a broader community museum telling the full story of the growth and development of Pickering?  Or is this a matter to be resolved through the study (which may then have strategic implications upon the Mission of PMV)?

April 7, 2014
This is a matter we are looking to see resolved throughout the study’s analysis of current practice and stakeholder interviews.

5.    Received on April 2, 2014:
To confirm, the client for this project is the Foundation, not the municipality, yes?  Will the municipality be represented upon the Steering Committee for the project?  Who else, if anybody, will be represented on the Committee?

April 7, 2014
The PMVF is paying for the study. The Municipality will benefit. Currently, there is a Visitor Service Centre Feasibility Study Steering committee that is made up of PMVF board members, PMV Advisory Committee members, and two City staff members. So there is full representation from all parties.

6.    Received on April 2 2014:
Is there any initial thinking as to who would pay for a new Visitor Centre? (e.g. has the municipality set aside funds for this purpose?  has the Foundation? is a major fundraising campaign anticipated?) 

April 7, 2014
Our first step is to determine what we need our building to include, staffing, operation, physical plant. With that comes the projected price tag. A fundraising campaign would follow as the next logical step, and that may or may not include a fundraising feasibility study, as would be determined by the PMVF who would partner with the City to plan for funds.

7.    Received on April 2, 2014:
Is there anything you can tell consultants about the budget scope for the work (a range? an upset ceiling)?  (This helps us tremendously in being able to set out a reasonable course of work, as well as enabling you to compare apples and apples.) 

April 11, 2014
Our bid process is confidential and although budgets may be known, it is in your best interest to provide a pricing proposal as competitive as you can.  We are open to being provided with different price options, but each one at a minimum must address the requirements laid out in the RFP.

8.    Question raised during site visit on May 5, 2014:
How soon is the selected company expected to begin the study, and when does the PMV and PMVF expect it to be concluded?  What is the timeline?

May 7, 2014
The start and end dates can be negotiated after selection; the company can start as soon as it is able. It is preferred that the study be completed this year.

9.    Question raised during site visit on May 5, 2014:
Where is funding coming from for the construction of the Visitor Services Centre?

May 7, 2014
From the PMVF, grants (provincial and federal), the Municipality, and from private and corporate donations.

10.  Question raised during site visit on May 5, 2014:
What is the budget range for this project?

May 7, 2014
Refer to question 7 above, as this was answered previously.

11.  Question raised during site visit on May 5, 2014:
Can we clarify the potential conflict of interest issue?

May 7, 2014
Refer to question 1 above, as this was answered previously.

12. Question raised during site visit on May 5, 2014:
Can we clarify the plan to have the facility developed with a design build approach?

May 7, 2014
The City of Pickering will be hiring an architect who will employ a contractor to construct the Visitor Services Centre.
The current plan for completion is to proceed as a design/build, once funding has been established. Should it be deemed that an unfair advantage exists for specific bidders as part of the results of the feasibility study, the company awarded the work of the study cannot be considered for the design/build.

13. Question raised during site visit on May 5, 2014:
What zoning is in place along the 407 and Highway 7 corridors near the museum?

May 9, 2014
2365 Sixth Concession Rd, Greenwood (Pickering)
The subject lands are partially within the Hamlet of Greenwood and Area. A tributary of East Duffins Creek traverses through the southwest portion of the subject property.

According to the City of Pickering Official Plan, these lands are designated ‘Rural Settlements - Rural Hamlets & Open Space - Natural Area’. These lands are also designated “Natural Heritage System within the Protected Countryside” by the Greenbelt Plan. Applicable planning policies for the Greenwood and Area Settlement Area are attached for your review.

The subject lands are regulated through Minister’s Zoning Order No. 2 (attached for your review). Further, the property is currently zoned Rural Agricultural (‘A’) and Greenbelt-Conservation zone (‘G), in Zoning By-law 3037, as amended. Applicable municipal zoning provisions and restrictions are attached for your review. 

Given the above planning context of the property, any zoning change may require an amendment to the Minister’s Zoning Order No. 2 and the City’s Zoning By-law.



Bylaw 3037_Greenbelt Zone
Bylaw 3037_Rural Agricultural Zone
Bylaw 3037_Village Zone
City Official Plan_Greenwood
Minister Zoning Order_No.2
Zoning Bylaw 3037 - Zoning Map

14.  Question raised during site visit on May 5, 2014:
Who is funding the study?

May 7, 2014
The study is being funded by the PMVF from various fundraising activities.

15.  Question raised during site visit on May 5, 2014:
Who pays the staff at the Pickering Museum Village?

May 7, 2014
The PMV is owned and operated by the Corporation of the City of Pickering. This includes the hiring and paying of all staff. 
The PMVF is an arm’s length charitable organization and has no role in the operation of the museum or the payment of staff.

16.  Received on May 9, 2014
When there is reference to a social and economic impact study, particularly for a museum-related institution, the objective is usually to describe the impacts and benefits in qualitative terms. Sometimes there is a desire to have a quantitative economic impact analysis that uses multipliers to suggest what the direct, indirect and induced benefits are on jobs, income and taxes assuming implementation of the project. But that is generally for much larger projects and adds to a study budget. Do we assume it is a qualitative analysis that is desired in this case and that the quantitative elements would be limited to estimates of tourists as a percentage of total visitors in the future?

May 14, 2014
In the requirements outlined in the RFP document, we expect the study would provide qualitative and quantitative analysis sufficient to allow us to estimate the configuration of the building, and  estimates of the maintenance and operational costs of the building.  This should including the amenities needed inside and around the building to support the museum operations going forward.  Bidders may provide any extra options they think are appropriate for the qualitative analysis you describe, and we may choose these options if they add value to the final study results, and funding is available to cover the additional costs.

17. Received on May 9, 2014
Will there be a potential increase in the number of heritage buildings moved to the site as a consequence of the extension of Highway 407 or perhaps a future Pickering Airport?  

May 14, 2014
There is no anticipated increase of buildings to this site as a result of 407 extension – those heritage consultations have concluded. In regards to the Federal Airport Lands, there may always be the potential to acquire, as demolition programs progress; however, at this time, the City of Pickering has not identified any further structures that would suit the interpretative needs or programming requirements of the Pickering Museum Village.

18.  Received on May 9, 2014
Please clarify the number of pages in the Information to Bidders section #1 that reads:
“One original and six (6) copies of the bidders submission shall be provided by the closing date and time, and each primary bid shall be no more than 20 letter size pages printed “double-sided”. Appendixes up to 100 pages may be added.”

May 21, 2014
The primary bid should be 20 double sided pages, which is equivalent to 40 single sided pages.  There is no specific limit on the number appendices.  Each appendix can be 100 double sided pages, which is equivalent to 200 single sided pages.